About Us

Big Business Cargo was incorporated in 2002 and started trading in 2003 under the leadership of Herbert Munetsi Mavhuwani who is the current Managing Director. The company was registered to provide customs clearing , forwarding, transport and customs advisory services. Our name explicitly shows the value ,respect and appreciation to the service that we intend to give, treat and accord to all our business partners and stakeholders. Our Octopus logo portray our ability , capabilities and strength in handling multiple tasks at any given time.

our vision

To be a company that offers global total shipping , freight, logistics and clearing services competitively and economically without prejudice to any stakeholder in any country that we do business either directly or through our network of agents

our values

  • Accountability to stakeholders
  • Compliance to stakeholders
  • Technical capacity to provide the service
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency

our mission

  • To have offices in all strategic ports and borders posts in Zimbabwe
  • To employ the best workers that are acceptable at local international levels to meet the compliance and service standard requirements
  • To equip our offices with acceptable and service delivery machines that meets the local and international expectations at all times
  • Keep on improving our corporate image , staff development, compliance to stakeholders
  • To have quality management systems in place so as ensure maintenance of standards
  • To ensure that all stakeholders returns are remitted as when required or due to avoid fines, penalties or damage to company reputation and integrity
  • To have representation(Agents) in countries that we do business through our membership to world associations
  • To keep improving and joining world reputable associations that gives us access in countries that we intend to see our presents


  • We will perform our services to the best of our ability and capability and within the confines of the law within the countries the service is provided
  • We will account for all our actions , payments and receipts and any property for the client we may use during the provision of the service
  • We will uphold the ethics of business, memberships and the trust that will be accorded to us
  • We will remain an open door policy on business for all our customers and partners. We will do business in a manner that will benefit all the stakeholders and without prejudice
  • We will honour all our obligations to all stakeholders